Mags Miller

Owner/Baker Extraordinaire

Baking started as a labor of love for founder and baker extraordinaire Mags Miller.  At the end of 2009, after leaving the entertainment production company she worked for, she finally found herself focusing all of her energy and free time on her long time passion for being in the kitchen.  The years of friends, family and co-workers asking her to bake for their dinner parties and events suddenly started to take over as she now had time to accommodate their requests…and her first venture into the baking world, yuMMy Baked was born!  Making sure she set herself apart from all the amazing cupcake and bake shops that already existed, Mags Miller decided to take two of the most popular goodies out there, cupcakes and donuts (which most people try to stay away from because they’re fried), and marry the two…creating her signature yuMMy baked donuts!  The baked donuts were such a hit, people couldn’t get enough!  They immediately became her best seller, a favorite of kids and adults, and her signature treat. 

As time progressed so did yuMMy baked and Mags Miller found herself not only baking donuts, but also returning to her roots making cakes, pies, cookies, bars, and more!  Helping clients to make their dreams come true by collaborating to celebrate the special moments in their lives, not only did she bake the signature cake and/or donuts, she also put together the entire dessert bar and buffet for their parties and events.  Therefore, as this became more about her and her vision, yuMMy baked evolved into Mags Miller Bakeshop & Co.  Still specializing in made-to-order fresh baked donuts but now offering so much more!

Mags Miller Bakeshop & Co. is currently servicing the Nashville, Tennessee and Los Angeles areas taking orders by phone and online.  However, look for her flagship store opening in late 2017 and place your order today!


Mags Miller